Selling to Us

Things We Buy:

We Buy, Sell, and Trade everything from:

  • Silver Dollars

  • Silver Half Dollars

  • Silver Quarters

  • Silver Dimes

  • Silver Rounds

  • Silver Bars

  • 90% and 40% Junk Silver

  • Gold Coins

  • Gold Bars

  • Gold Rounds

  • Scrap Gold and Silver

  • Old Coins

  • Foreign Coins

  • Large Size Paper Money

  • Small Size Paper Money

  • Silver Certificates

  • Gold Notes

  • Red Ink Notes

  • Star Notes

  • Old Notes

  • Emergency Currency

  • Foreign Paper Money

  • Slab Coins

  • Error Coins

  • Watches

  • Diamonds

  • Vintage Jewelry

  • Broken or Damaged Jewelry
  • Some small antique items

  • Just about all other money related items!


Selling to us is extremely fast, easy, and simple. We work with you and around your schedule to ensure that your regular daily activities are interrupted as little as possible. We always price out your collection so that your receive the best, and fairest price possible. There are three ways in which you can sell to us.

1. You come to us.

This choice has two options depending on the size of the collection:

Option 1

You can bring your small collection down to our shop during regular business hours.

  • This is great if you have just a few items to sell or even a small collection.

  • This option is the most common and usually works out the best for both parties.

Option 2

You can bring your collection down to our shop with an appointment.

  • This option is better if you have a larger collection.

  • This option ensures that your collection gets the full and complete attention that it deserves.

  • With this option, we can make sure that no piece gets mispriced or undervalued.

  • This option does have a fee if you decide not to sell us the majority of your collection.


2. We come to you.

This option is great for people with large collections or people who cannot leave their house easily.

  • With this option comes convenience, we come to you at your home or bank.

  • We can come to you at a time that is convenient for you.

  • With this option, you do not have to pack up and haul your collection anywhere.

  • This option does have a fee if you decide not to sell us the majority of your collection.


3. Ship it to us.

This option is great if you live farther away than you would like to travel.

  • Convenient for you, because you can send your items to us at you leisure.

  • Simplicity. You send us your collection, we agree on a price, we send you a check. Simple.

  • We will call you with the total after we price your items, and you can approve or deny the offer.

  • We send you an itemized list with every item you send to us, and the price that we are paying you for it.

  • This option does take the longest amount of time. Please allow up to 1-5 business days from the day we receive the items to get an offer.

  • We recommend shipping all items fully insured with signature confirmation and tracking. We will accept no responsibility for the items until we have received and signed for them. Please include a detailed inventory with your package. For more information on what to include, or how to package and ship to us please call 208-201-5007.



  • We pay prices based on the current market values at the time we receive your shipment, not at the time you sent it unless other arrangements are made prior to shipping.

  • This option, unfortunately, has the risk of loss or theft in the mail, unless insured beforehand.

  • For this option, please contact us first to make sure the proper precautions are taken for shipping high-value items.


Where To Ship to:

Infinity Co.
545 Shoup Ave STE 108A
Idaho Falls, ID


Other Important Information:

  • We will not buy any items we suspect to be stolen. All items we suspect stolen will be reported to the authorities.

  • We will not buy items that you do not have the right to sell, any items we suspect of this will be reported to the authorities.

  • We pay based on the current market values at the time we receive your items, not at the time you send them unless other arrangements are made prior to shipping.

  • All purchases are final after you approve the price.

  • You pay the Return Shipping and Handling on all items you decide not to sell.

For More Information:

Call at 208-201-5007

Email at

Come by the store at 545 Shoup Ave Suite 108 A, Idaho Falls, Idaho