Coins For Grades

At Infinity Coins, we believe in rewarding students for their hard work and achievements in the classroom. That's why we have created our Coins for Grades program, a unique and exciting way for students to earn store credit for their grades.

Here's how it works: for every 'A' that a student earns on their report card, they will receive $1 in store credit, with a maximum credit amount of $5. Our program accommodates various grading standards and we are happy to welcome homeschooled students as well.

Not only do students receive store credit, but we also have a special surprise for them - a small bag of world coins. This is a fun and educational way for students to expand their knowledge and appreciation of different cultures and currencies.

So bring in those report cards and start earning store credit today! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always here to help, answer any questions, and guide you on your coin collecting journey.