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Based out of Idaho Falls

With over 40 years combined experience

Now the leading coin dealer in Idaho Falls, Infinity Coins was started with the intention of creating a place where any collector or investor, big or small can find exactly what they need. Whether it be the last piece of a collection or the beginning of their investment portfolio, we can help! We have created a very dedicated customer base that keeps coming back because of our honesty and transparency to you, the customer. You will know exactly what you will pay when you buy, and what you will receive back with our very aggressive prices when it comes time to sell.

  • Hybrid Bullion

    Hybrid Bullion

    Silver and gold with a more collectible and fun aspect to it!

  • Coins


    Hold history in your hands. Proven throughout the ages as a rewarding and profitable hobby whether you're a novice or experienced collector.

  • Currency


    Currency is the younger sibling of Coins. Collected and beloved by many, Currency combines Art, History, and Investment all in one.

  • Ancient Coins and Artifacts
    Mesopotamia Eagle

    Ancient Coins and Artifacts

    We have a great selection of Ancient Coins, Artifacts and other Antiquites. All 100% verified and genuine. 

Featured Products

  • 2021 Niue $2 - Godzilla vs. Kong: 2 Coin Set - Colorized Silver
  • 2021 Niue $2 - Godzilla vs. Kong: Godzilla - Silver
  • 2021 Niue $2 - Godzilla vs. Kong: Godzilla - Silver Proof
  • 2021 Niue $2 - Godzilla vs. Kong: Godzilla Ultimate Titan - Colorized Silver
  • 2021 Niue $2 - Godzilla vs. Kong: Kong - Silver Blister Pack
  • 2021 Niue $2 - Godzilla vs. Kong: Kong - Silver Proof
  • 2021 Niue $2 - Godzilla vs. Kong: Kong Ultimate Guardian - Colorized Silver
  • 2021 Niue $2 - Godzilla vs. Kong: Mechagodzilla Ultimate Destroyer - Silver
  • 2021 Niue $250 - Godzilla vs. Kong: Godzilla - Gold
  • 2021 Niue $250 - Godzilla vs. Kong: Kong - Gold

We Buy Back

Stop by and show us your collection!

We are a strong buyer of all coins, currency, bullion, jewelry and anything else that we sell. If you find yourself looking to sell your collection, downsize an investment or if you just want to find out what you have and what it is worth please see us. 


  • Infinity Coins IS the NUMBER ONE coin shop in South-East Idaho. Always greeted with a smile, very fair prices for what they sell and aggressively competitive prices for buying the coins, silver and gold jewelry I have! I would trust Kevin with any and all my coins & precious metal buying and selling!!!

    Sandy Efroni

  • Great place to deal with. Kevin is very knowledgeable and is good about answering questions for you. Great place. Plan to do business with them again.

    Joe Hartwell

  • Infinity Coins is my by far the best collector's shops I've been to in a long time. Best coin shop within a 100 miles. Kevin took his time explaining everything and knows his stuff. Highly recommended!!!

    Google User

Local Shop

With National Reach

Over the years, we have expanded our market to not only be able to serve the local and regional area, but a national market as well. We compete price wise with many of the national coin and bullion resellers, and we shop our markets daily to be able to offer the best price possible.  With a friendly staff and a diverse inventory, check us out and compare. For the best Idaho Falls coin dealer, visit Infinity Coins!