What is a "Coin Club" and Should I Join One?

While building a coin collection can be a personal endeavor, that doesn’t mean it’s something you have to do alone. One of the standard pieces of advice you’ll hear as a coin collector is to join a coin club.

How to Tell If You Have a Rare Coin

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Ways to Store and Display Your Coin Collection

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How to Get Started with Coin Collecting

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6 Misconceptions About Collecting Coins

Believe it or not, even your own grandfather, aunt, or whoever it was who first got you hooked on coin collecting could have imparted methods and ideas we now consider to be debunked. Read on to reveal some of the most popular myths and misconceptions ou

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Due to the increase in online coin buying, it is important to cover the pros and cons as well as some helpful tips.

Jewelry Scammers: How to Spot Them and What to Avoid

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Experts or Amateurs: 6 Ways to Sell My Coins

Selling a coin collection can bring you a significant chunk of cash, but not all sales are equal. There are many ways to sell your coins, and some of them won’t always bring you the highest potential value.

Buying Bullion: The 3 Top Tips

Bullion investments are gaining headway in 2021. The price of both silver and gold has been soaring throughout the last couple years, in fact. While some people have spent their time investing in the volatile and unreliable bitcoin or other assets buzzing