Jewelry Buying

We Buy Scrap Gold and Silver!

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We buy all kinds of Scrap Silver and Gold! Broken, damaged jewelry. Pieces missing stones, bent, stuff you don’t wear anymore. We buy it all.
Sell local, keep the money in town, and, more importantly, get paid more!

We will beat all competitors buy price!

Items we buy:
Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Pendants, Chains, Gold fillings, Gold nuggets, coins with holes or other damage, Foreign Coins, Gold Dust, White Gold, or just about anything that has gold or silver in it. We also do buy some platinum!


This is for Gold, White gold, and Silver. The process is the same.

The Process:

Come into the shop or mail us your items for testing (Location)

The Examination

  1. We look over all items first and determine if any items are recognized as gold and silver, and which ones require testing
  2. We also separate the items into groups of suspected purity, this makes the testing process go faster

The Test

  1. We make a small file into the back of the item*2, as inconspicuous as possible, and drop some test acid on it. Then we watch what color it turns. This test determines whether it is gold or not.
  2. We separate out what doesn’t test as gold and then focus on what items do test out.
  3. The next test is to find out what Karat of gold you have. (10K, 14K, 18K etc.) We do this by rubbing the gold item against a test stone and the drop various types of acid on the stone to determine what gold content it is.
  4. After determining the different Karat contents of the gold, we need to weigh it.

The Weight

  1. After separated, we weigh the gold on a small scale to check for weight. We generally buy scrap gold in Grams, because it is a smaller weight increment that is more accurate, however we can weigh in Grams, Pennyweights, Grains, Troy ounces, Regular Ounces, or whatever weight measurement you would like.*3

Getting Paid

  1. After testing and weighing all the gold, we then check the current spot price at that time. *4
  2. We have a formula for figuring out the price that gets you the best money. For more info on this please call or email, as the prices do go up and down.
  3. We take the number of grams times the price per gram equals what you get paid.
  4. We can pay cash at the time of selling, no waiting to get paid, or hoping a check is good *5

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 208-201-5007,, or stop by the shop! Address and map are listed on the contact us page. For any other info on selling things to us or to see about shipping items to us please review are selling to us page.

Terms and conditions:

*1 – We will beat all competitors advertised price, We will also beat competitors quoted price. Quoted price must be written on the back of the buyers business card or letterhead. All quotes or advertisements must include, a reasonable estimated spot price, total weight of the items in individual categories (e.g. 4grams 10K, 5.2grams 14K) with the prices listed for each and a total figured each category, the business name, the employee contact info who figured up the quote, and the signature of the person who quoted you that price. VERBAL QUOTES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! Quotes or Advertisements with merchandise must be presented the same day and must include the totals weights listed and the price will be beaten only if the spot price listed on the quote or ad has not gone up or down by more than 1%. Price paid will be beaten by no less than 1% or $5 whichever is less. All listed above is null and void if the listed weights are made up from items that are not gold or silver. Weights listed cannot include stones or pins or other nongold items. We reserve the right to retract this offer at any time, for any reason, with or without notice.

*2 – This is done in the most effective but discrete and non-conspicuous way possible and every effort is made to ensure the safety of the pieces being tested, but accidents do happen and the verbal question “Do you want me to go ahead and test it?” or “Are you OK with me testing this item?” shall be enough to release us from liability the company and the tester from damaged items that the seller does not want to sell, after the testing process. Also, we are not responsible for ruined pieces that were tested for being gold and turned out not to be.

*3 – Weight is figured and paid for the precious metals ONLY not for the stones, lacquer, Paint, jewels, beads, non-precious metals or any other non-precious metal items, attached to the items to be sold. A reasonable amount may be taken off the total weight for these items, also refer to section *1 for information on the “beat the competitors” guarantee to see how this section affects that agreement.

*4 – All Prices are figured at the time of testing and not at the time of shipping or at the time of inquiry unless other arrangements are made. Spot price used is most generally, this is the spot tracker posted on my site in various places.

*5 – Cash dispersed as available, Cash is usually available but may not be at the time of the sale. If needed a short walk down to the bank after a price is agreed upon and met, can be made together to retrieve the necessary cash. Other forms of payment can be arranged in the form of a business check, cashier's check, USPS Money Order, Money Wire, Bank Wire, or bank deposit upon request.

All other terms and conditions can be arranged to fit the individual situation at the time of business conducted.