Eclipse Bullion

Dont forget to add to your collection a way to commemorate the once in a life time occurace of a transcontinental eclipse.

We have a three different special made medallions that are designed and made by Moonlight Mint and the Famous Daniel Carr! Dan is one of the designers of two of the statehood quarters as well as influential in many other coin designs and has set his place in coinage history be producing nearly identiacal fantacy date overstrike coins. We are truley luck to have him involved in this project. 

Each medallion depics the map of the United State and the "Path of Totallity", underneath listed is the date and the Universal World Time that the event took place on the obverse. On the Reverse of the medallion you will see and excellent representation of the Total Eclipse itself.

These come in Silver, Copper and Brass, you can purchase singally or in sets of three and a package containing the three medallions, a Set of USPS color changing eclipse stamps and a set of commemorative Eclipse glasses! For all purchase options, please see below!