Whitman Official Red Book: A Guide Book of Quarter Eagle Gold Coins

A Guide Book of Quarter Eagle Gold Coins “The quarter eagle, face value of $2.50, occupies an unusual place in American currency,” says author Q. David Bowers. Unlike larger gold coins, it was too small to be commonly used in export and international trade. It also never became popular in day-to-day commerce (though, like the smaller gold dollar, it was frequently given as a Christmas gift). “Despite this,” Bowers says, “the quarter eagle was minted almost continuously for more than 130 years, starting in 1796, with six different design styles over the years.” Today the quarter eagle is a favorite among collectors who see it as a denomination challenging to collect, yet accessible. Rarities like the 1841 “Little Princess” and the 1848 CAL. type (struck to commemorate the discovery of gold in California) always bring excitement when they cross the auction block. In the Guide Book of Quarter Eagle Gold Coins, Bowers?the hobby’s leading numismatic researcher and author?applies his signature expertise to the denomination. With characteristic thoroughness he delves into its economic and historical context, from bank panics and bullion legislation to gold rushes and Civil War hoarding. He gives an encyclopedic study of every quarter eagle ever minted, with full-color images, values by grade, mintages, rarity ratings, die data, auction records, collecting advice, and more. The Guide Book of Quarter Eagle Gold Coins is a must-have for every coin collector. 448 pages, full color.

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