South Dakota 10 Goldback - 1/100th Troy Ounce 24k Gold - UPMA (Random Year)

  • Country: United States
  • Period: Federal Republic (1776-Date)
  • Type: Gold Bullion
  • Years: 2023-Date
  • Mint: United Precious Metals Association - Alpine, UT
  • Denomination: 10 GB
  • Currency: Goldback (2019-Date)
  • Composition: .9999 Gold
  • Diameter: 65mm x 142.5mm
  • Weight: .311g
  • Condition: Brilliant Uncirculated - BU
  • Obverse: Harmonia, inspired by Artemis, stands poised with a drawn bow amidst South Dakota's rich wildlife, symbolizing the harmony between hunting and nature's balance, crowned by a laurel wreath of victory
  • Reverse: A mirrored image of the obverse

Harmonia, embodying the essence of harmony, graces the South Dakota 10 Goldback Denomination. This modern rendition draws inspiration from the Greco-Roman Artemis, goddess of the hunt, wilderness, fertility, and maidenhood. Harmonia, poised with a taut bow and arrow, stands against the backdrop of a rising crescent moon, a beacon of healing and illumination. The landscape teems with symbols of South Dakota's rich hunting heritage: Canada geese, pronghorn antelope, mule deer antler sheds, and the state's iconic ring-necked pheasants.

Her attire is both symbolic and regal. A belt adorned with diamonds and stylized feathers encircles her waist. The diamonds, shimmering tokens of a woman's invaluable contribution to humanity. The feathers, on the other hand, pay homage to South Dakota's diverse fowl, from ground-dwelling birds like quail and turkey to migratory ones like ducks and geese. But they hold a deeper significance, drawing from Greek traditions, symbolizing the sanctity of womanhood and the miracle of childbirth.

Harmonia stands as a testament to nature's delicate balance. Drawing parallels with Artemis, she underscores the symbiotic relationship between hunting and ecological harmony. South Dakota's commitment to this equilibrium is evident in its conservation policies. The hunting dog by her side, adorned with a laurel leaf collar, epitomizes unity of purpose and the harmony between direction and obedience.

The bow and arrows are not mere weapons but symbols of dedication, precision, and mastery. The bow demands discipline, while the arrow signifies focus and intent. Together, they encapsulate the harmony between preparation and purpose, culminating in the achievement of one's goals. This triumphant spirit is encapsulated by the laurel wreath crowning Harmonia, a symbol of victory and accomplishment.

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