Silver PEZ Gift set w/ Silver PEZ wafers and Snowman dispenser
PEZ Candies and whimsical dispensers have been pop-culture icons since the 1920s. These European candies became popular with American children because of the fun and varied dispensers used to pop the candies out. By the 1990s  collecting the special dispensers became a serious collectible category by the self-proclaimed PEZHEADS. Young or old, we all know and love PEZ. A silver wafer version of these nostalgic candies can now be collected for the first time ever, specially packaged six in capsule, with authentic PEZ dispenser.
  • Silver Content: 30g
  • Purity: .9999 fine
  • It comes in holiday packaging.
  • Limited mintage of only 3000 Sets!
  • You get:
    •  6(six) - 5g Silver PEZ replica Candies
    • Novelty Snowman PEZ Candy dispenser
  • Notes of Interest
    • PEZ Candies were introduced in 1928 by an Austrian inventor as an alternative to smoking!
    • The iconic PEZ mint's name comes from an abbriviation of the German word for peppermint - "pfefferminz"
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