POW Camp Money SIX Pence WILTSHIRE England 575 ITALIAN P.W.W. COY.


Stamped for the express use of Italian prisoners of war in camp 575 located in Wiltshire England, this was a multipurpose note designated for each specific camp. Used much like a ration card or booklet, each use was marked on the reverse of the note. Each note was also serialized, this one No.836589, and denominated to six pence. Each note was also only usable in the camp in which it was issued.

The reverse features 8 spots for redemption, two of which have been redeemed and dated by the camp office, one clearly dated 12 May 1944. It also features a note, describing the use of the note in ink.

Note appears to be in extremely fine condition, slight staining in the bottom left and a fold vertically centered.