Mackeral Shark Tooth - Otodus Obliquus Fossil - Khouribga, Morocco

  • Name: Mackerel Shark Tooth (Otodus obliquus)
  • Age: Approximately 50-55 million years old
  • Discovery location: Unearthed in a phosphate pit situated in the Atlas Mountains, specifically in Khouribga, Morocco.
  • Origin: Belongs to the distinguished Andy Garrison collection, which showcases an assortment of significant fossil specimens.

Unearthed from the depths of time, the Mackerel Shark Tooth (Otodus obliquus) stands as a fascinating relic from an era long past. Approximately 50-55 million years old, this tooth is a captivating testament to the ancient world it once inhabited. Its remarkable journey brought it to light in the phosphate-rich depths of the Atlas Mountains in Khouribga, Morocco, where it was discovered within the renowned Andy Garrison collection.

Imagine the awe-inspiring creatures that roamed the primordial seas, where the Mackerel Shark, with its formidable jaws and serrated teeth, ruled the waves. This tooth, an exquisite example of its species, carries the weight of history and whispers tales of a bygone era. Its sleek and curvaceous form hints at the relentless pursuit of prey and the apex predator status it once held.

From the moment it was uncovered, this remarkable fossil has been carefully preserved, granting us a precious glimpse into a world that existed millions of years ago. As it graces the shelves of the esteemed Andy Garrison collection, it sparks curiosity and wonder, inviting us to contemplate the mysteries of our planet's distant past.