Large Amethyst Cathedral Quartz Specimen

This is one of the most beautiful samples you could ever own!

As one of the many forms of Quartz, Amethyst is one of the easiest recognized variations, and most well known. With the trademark purple hued crystalline structure, it's been known for centuries and has been put to use since day one. 

The Greek origins of the name 'amethyst' alludes to the belief of the Greeks that the stone would prevent intoxication of the wearer of the stone. It was also worn for the same purpose by Anglican clergy in reference to Acts 2:15, and was also considered during medieval times to be one of the top five most valuable gems and part of monarchy regalia. That royal purple really played it's part, until large deposits were later found and it fell from grace.

Amethyst today is still the birthstone of February, and considered useful in many holistic and metaphysical situations. Though we may not subscribe to some of these applications, this specimen will provide a great deal of beauty for your home or collection. 

16" x 7" x 8"