In Great Britain, the bride traditionally wears "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." But what is less well known is that the rhyme ends "and a silver sixpence in her shoe."

The father of the bride would slip a sixpence into his daughter’s shoe before she walked down the aisle. The sixpence stood for good luck, and to show that the father wished his daughter prosperity in her marriage.

These are real Great Britain Silver Six Pence coins dated between 1900-1947. These have been elongated or "smashed" asnd show the the popular wedding quote mentioned above. Complete with a floral Boquet above the phrase. The other side is complet with the still visiable remaining design and date of the six pence for added character of the piece.

"Something old, Somthing New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a lucky six pence in her shoe"

If you'd like to make a long-lasting gift to a newly married couple, engraved with this wedding verse, an elongated silver sixpence is a great idea!

**Pieces will be chosen at random, and design may be slightly different, saying and floral design will remain the same on each piece**