Crystaline Silver Capsule - .999 Fine Recycled Silver Display Card - AG 107.87

  • Type: Crystalline Silver
  • Composition: .999 Silver
  • Condition: New In Package
  • Atomic Weight: 107.87 (107.868)
  • Protons: 47
  • Neutrons: 61
  • Electrons: 47
  • Electron Configuration: 4d105s1
Silver forms all over the world in many shapes and under different conditions. The majority of silver that is known today is found mixed with deposits of other metals (gold, copper, zinc, lead) and can also be found near or on corundums & minerals. In certain circumstances, the formation of silver can naturally take on a crytalline metallic structure that resembles tendrils or veins valled dendrites.
An electrolytic process can be used to replicate this natural phenomenon. Generally starting with unused silver from man made items (coins, rounds, jewelry, trinkets, etc.), crystalline silver can be created. The process requires a cell with a positive (anode) and negative (cathode) charged plates. Added to the cell is an electrolyte solution that contains pure silver disolved in nitric acid (forming silver nitrate). The silver that needs refined is connected to the anode plate and silver or stainless steel is used as the cathode plate. The cell is hooked up to electricity. As the electricity trickles through the cell, silver in the alloy will dissolve into solution and recrystallize on the negative plate (cathode) as very pure silver dendrites (crystals). The dendrites that form take on a triangular spearlike structure that is inherent to the element of silver and a profuct of the conditions umder which it is formed.

* Condition is based on our professional opinion. Pictures are representative of the silver that you will receive, actual silver and packaging may differ slightly*