5th Issue 25 Cent Fractional Currency FR. 1309 - About Uncirculated
  • Denomination: 25 Cent
  • Grade: About Uncirculated
  • Friedberg Number: # 1309
  • Dates Issued: Feb 26, 1874 - Feb, 15 1876
Fractional currency was introduced following the Civil War by the United States federal government. Coins became difficult to find because people started hoarding them for their precious metal content and started using stamps instead of coins as a means of commerce. The government decided to try and counteract the hoarding problem and issue fractional currency or "postage currency". These notes were issued between August 21st, 1862 through February 15th, 1876. The notes issued were 3, 5, 10, 15, 25 and 50 cent denominations with five different issues through the issuing period. Fractional currency is significantly smaller than the other circulating notes of the time and does not contain a serial number.

**Pictures are representative of the note and grade that you will receive, actual note you receive may differ slightly, and serial numbers will vary.**