322-185 B.C. Mauryan Empire - Silver Karshapana - Choice Condition

  • Country: India - Mauryan Empire
  • Type: Standard Circulation Coin
  • Years: 322-185 B.C.
  • Currency: Karshapana
  • Composition: Silver
  • Diameter: Varies
  • Weight: Varies
  • Edge: Smooth
  • Condition: Choice
  • Obverse: Various Symbols
  • Reverse: Either Blank or one single symbol

Explore a remarkable piece of ancient Indian numismatic history with the 322-185 B.C. Mauryan Empire Silver Karshapana in Choice Condition. These Punch Marked Coins (PMCs) represent one of the earliest forms of standardized currency used in India.

Crafted from thick square wires of silver, these PMCs were cut into various shapes before receiving their distinctive punch marks. These punch marks include symbols like the Humped Bull, Sun, Elephant, and Imperial Symbols. What makes these coins truly intriguing is the variety of symbols, each carrying its own historical significance.

These symbols were applied either by local authorities (janapadas) or the Imperial Authority, often reflecting the rule of the reigning emperor. These particular coins are believed to have circulated during the illustrious Maurya Empire era, which adds a layer of historical richness to their value.

Owning a 322-185 B.C. Mauryan Empire Silver Karshapana in Choice Condition allows you to hold a tangible piece of ancient Indian history in your hands. It's not just a coin; it's a connection to the past, a testament to early Indian commerce, and a captivating artifact that bears witness to the birth of standardized currency in India. Add this extraordinary piece to your collection and embark on a journey through the annals of India's numismatic heritage.

*Coin condition is based on our professional opinion. Pictures are representative of the coin that you will receive, actual coin may differ slightly, and serial numbers may vary*