2024 Palau $5 - Poker Card Guard - CIT (1oz Silver)

  • Country: Palau
  • Period: Republic (1992-Date)
  • Type: Non-Circulating Coin
  • Years: 2024
  • Mint: Coin Invest Trust (CIT)
  • Denomination: 5 USD
  • Currency: United States Dollar (1992-Date)
  • Composition: .999 Silver
  • Diameter: 38.61mm
  • Weight: 31.1g
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Mintage: 1111
  • Condition: New - Mint Packaging
  • Obverse: Depicts the Coat of Arms of Palau, along with the inscriptions: "REPUBLIC OF PALAU" and "5$"
  • Reverse: Features a beautiful depiction of Lady Luck proudly presenting her cards - a Royal Flush of Spades - alongside a Grim Reaper dressed to the nines. The background forms an elaborately executed, partly gold-gilded poker chip bearing the inscriptions “SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL” and “GOOD LUCK”
According to gambling aficionados, the odds of hitting a five-card royal flush in a game of poker are nearly 650,000-to-1 making it the rarest of hands in poker. This hand is so rare that you might only make it once or twice in a lifetime. Clearly, those are bad odds, but you can beat ’em with this exotic coin that depicts the highest poker hand—the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of Spades. Beautifully minted by world-renowned Coin Invest (CIT) in a full ounce of highly pure 99.99% silver, this Poker “Card Guard” coin is just what you need when you’re on a hot streak or if you’re looking for a spark to break a run of bad luck.Seamlessly blending artistry with utility, the Poker Card Guard is a must-have addition to every poker player's table. Elevate your gaming experience with this finely crafted coin, designed to bring luck and sophistication to your games, as well as being an excellent addition to any silver coin collection.

*Coin condition is based on our professional opinion. Pictures are representative of the coin that you will receive, actual coin may differ slightly, and serial numbers will vary*