2024 Niue $2 - Mickey & Minnie: Love Only For You - 1oz Silver Proof

  • Country: Niue
  • Queen: Elizabeth II (1952-Date)
  • Type: Non-Circulating Coin
  • Years: 2024
  • Mint: New Zealand Mint - Auckland
  • Denomination: 2 NZD
  • Currency: New Zealand Dollar (1987-Date)
  • Composition: .999 Silver
  • Diameter: 55mm
  • Weight: 31.1g
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Mintage: 3,000
  • Condition: New - Mint Packaging
  • Obverse: Bears the 2024 year, along with the Jody Clark effigy of His Majesty King Charles lll, confirming the coin’s legal tender status
  • Reverse: A coloured image of Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse striking a romantic pose. Some engraved and frosted love motifs surround them, along with the words ‘only for you’

Step into a world where love transcends time and tales become legends, with the 2024 Niue $2 Mickey & Minnie: Love Only For You 1oz Silver Proof coin. This heart-shaped marvel is not just a coin but a celebration of the enchanting romance between Disney's most iconic duo, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, whose love story has captivated hearts across generations.

At the heart of this coin is the vibrant depiction of Mickey and Minnie, brought to life in exquisite color, capturing a moment of tenderness and joy that speaks volumes of their timeless bond. The characters are set against a canvas of engraved and frosted love motifs, each element thoughtfully crafted to symbolize the depth and purity of their affection. The phrase 'only for you' encircles the duo, adding a personal touch that resonates with the universal language of love.

This unique piece is framed by a mirror-finish background, creating a striking contrast that accentuates the intricate details and the heartfelt scene at the coin's center. The frosted border serves as the perfect finishing touch, encapsulating the magic and whimsy of Disney's world.

Mickey and Minnie's relationship, spanning nearly a century, is a testament to enduring love, transcending the confines of time and space to emerge as a cultural symbol of companionship and devotion. Their story is a blend of adventure, humor, and love, reflecting the highs and lows of life with a grace and resilience that inspire us all.

Owning this coin is like holding a piece of cinematic and cultural history, a reminder of the simple joys and the profound emotions that Disney's storytelling evokes. It's an invitation to cherish the moments of love in our lives, to believe in the enduring power of affection, and to celebrate the legends that have shaped our collective imaginations.

This 2024 Niue coin is more than a collector's item; it's a beacon of love, an ode to the magic of Disney, and a tribute to the lovers, dreamers, and believers who see the world not just as it is, but as it could be, filled with love, laughter, and endless possibilities.

*Coin condition is based on our professional opinion. Pictures are representative of the coin that you will receive, actual coin may differ slightly, and serial numbers may vary*