2024 Cameroon 2000 Francs - Durga: Mother of Divine - Dark Gilded (1oz Silver)

  • Country: Republic of Cameroon
  • Type: Hybrid Silver Bullion
  • Years: 2024
  • Mint: Le Grand Mint - Hagen, Germany (2013-Date)
  • Denomination: 2000 CFA
  • Currency: CFA Franc (1973-Date)
  • Composition: .999 Silver (Ruthenium & Gold Gilded)
  • Diameter: 38.6mm
  • Weight: 31.1g
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Mintage: 999
  • Condition: New - Mint Packaging
  • Obverse: The year 2024, the coat of arms of the republic of Cameroon. And oriental motifs that blend and become one with the reverse
  • Reverse: Durga, a Hindu goddess and one of the most revered deities in Hinduism depicted as a warrior riding a lion and carrying weapons in her multiple arms

Embark on a transcendent journey to the heart of divine valor with the 2024 Cameroon 2000 Francs Durga: Mother of Divine - Dark Gilded silver coin, an embodiment of the sublime energy and unwavering spirit of Durga, the Hindu goddess of strength and protection. This piece is not merely a coin; it is a canvas where myth meets metal, and the timeless saga of Durga unfolds in lustrous silver, accented by the subtle interplay of Ruthenium and Gold gilding.

Durga, the radiant beacon of invincibility, is captured in a moment of majestic grace, riding her fearless lion into the battleground of cosmic forces. With each of her arms wielding an array of divine weapons, she represents the multifaceted nature of the divine feminine—nurturer, protector, and warrior. This depiction is a profound reminder of the inner power that resides within each of us, the potential to rise above challenges and to harness our inner strengths in the face of adversity.

The coin invites you to delve deeper into the rich tapestry of Hindu mythology, where every symbol and motif carries layers of meaning. The lion, Durga's chosen mount, symbolizes her dominion over raw power, her courage, and her determination. The weapons in her hands are not merely instruments of war but represent the tools one needs to conquer the demons of doubt, fear, and ignorance.

This limited mintage masterpiece is more than a collectible; it's a portal to an ancient world, a piece that carries the whispers of centuries-old stories and philosophies. The selective gilding highlights not just the physical beauty of Durga but illuminates the philosophical depth and spiritual significance she holds. As a symbol of victory of good over evil, Durga's image on this coin serves as a daily inspiration to pursue righteousness and to stand tall in the face of life's battles.

By bringing this coin into your collection, you're not just acquiring a piece of precious metal. You're embracing a piece of the divine, a spark of the eternal flame of wisdom, courage, and the unyielding strength that Durga embodies. It's a celebration of the art of storytelling, of the power of faith, and the enduring beauty of ancient traditions, crafted to inspire and to be treasured for generations to come.

*Coin condition is based on our professional opinion. Pictures are representative of the coin that you will receive, actual coin may differ slightly, and serial numbers may vary*