2023 Germany 5 Mark - Witchcraft Seeress - 1oz Silver

  • Country: Germany
  • Type: Hybrid Silver Bullion
  • Years: 2023
  • Mint: Germania Mint - Jelenia Góra, Poland (2018-date)
  • Denomination: 5 Mark
  • Composition: .9999 Silver
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Weight: 31.1g
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Mintage: 20,000
  • Condition: Brilliant Uncirculated - BU
  • Obverse: Seeress adorns herself in a ceremonial ensemble, complete with a diadem, belt, and a pendant crafted from fragments of deer skulls and antlers. Clutched in her hand is a ceremonial staff, a symbol of her mystical authority. At her side is Ratatosk, the mythical squirrel entrusted with the task of conveying messages among the denizens of the World Tree, Yggdrasil
  • Reverse: While still retaining the iconic double-headed eagle, the hallmark of Germania Mint, this coin depicts animal skulls and dragons, emblematic of the realm of the deceased. Encompassing these enigmatic symbols are ancient Germanic runes, believed to bestow blessings of fortune, luck, and protection

Delve into the enigmatic world of ancient mysticism with the 2023 Germany 5 Mark Witchcraft: Seeress 1oz Silver coin, the pioneering piece of Germania Mint's Witchcraft series. This coin is not merely a collector's item but a portal to the arcane realm of Germanic sorcery, where the Seeress, a figure of profound knowledge and power, reigns supreme.

The Seeress, a storied sorceress of Germanic lore, is celebrated for her remarkable abilities to divine the future, shield against malevolent forces, and master the secrets of the natural world. Her esteemed status is such that even Odin, the formidable deity in the Norse pantheon, sought her wisdom, underscoring her pivotal role in the mythological tapestry.

Adorned in ritualistic garb that signifies her connection to the mystical, the Seeress is depicted in all her glory. Her ceremonial attire, including a diadem, belt, and pendant crafted from the remnants of deer skulls and antlers, speaks of her deep bond with nature and the cycles of life and death. The ceremonial staff she clutches is not just a tool but a symbol of her dominion over the unseen forces that weave the fabric of fate.

Accompanying the Seeress is Ratatosk, the legendary squirrel of Yggdrasil, serving as a messenger between the worlds, embodying the interconnectedness of all beings within the cosmic tree.

The coin itself, meticulously designed by Mateusz Frackowiak, presents a fresh vision on its reverse, blending the traditional double-headed eagle of Germania Mint with new, potent symbols. The center stage is taken by depictions of animal skulls and dragons, evoking the realm of the dead and the mystical energies that the Seeress navigates. These powerful motifs are encircled by ancient Germanic runes, each a bearer of fortune, protection, and luck, further enriching the coin's mystical allure.

With a limited issuance of 20,000 pieces, this coin is a coveted artifact, each accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees its place within the Witchcraft series. This coin is more than an object of beauty; it's a tribute to the Seeress's legacy, a nod to the enduring fascination with the mystical arts, and a celebration of the ancient wisdom that continues to intrigue and inspire the modern mind. It invites collectors and enthusiasts alike to touch the intangible, to explore the depths of ancient mysticism, and to connect with the timeless stories that shape our understanding of the universe and our place within it.

*Coin condition is based on our professional opinion. Pictures are representative of the coin that you will receive, actual coin may differ slightly, and serial numbers may vary*