2021-P Tuvalu $1 - Gods Of Olympus: Hades - NGC MS70 (1oz Silver)


2021-P Tuvalu $1 - Gods Of Olympus: Hades - NGC MS70 (1oz Silver)

  • Grading Service: Numismatic Guaranty Corporation - NGC
  • Grade: Mint State 70 - MS70
  • Certification: Various
  • Country: Tuvalu
  • Queen: Elizabeth II (1952-Date)
  • Type: Non-Circulating Coin
  • Years: 2021
  • Mint: Perth Mint - Australia
  • Denomination: 1 AUD
  • Currency: Australian Dollar (1976-Date)
  • Composition: .9999 Silver
  • Diameter: 40.9mm
  • Weight: 31.1g
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Mintage: 13,500
  • Obverse: The Effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II
  • Reverse: Hades sitting on his throne made of bones and skulls wearing his invisibility helmet, accompanied by Cerberus
  • NGC First Releases Label

Dive deep into the mystical realm of Greek mythology with the 2021-P Tuvalu $1 Gods of Olympus: Hades coin, a numismatic masterpiece that captures the essence of one of the most enigmatic deities. Hades, the god of the underworld, brother to Zeus and Poseidon, has been a figure of awe and mystery, ruling over the hidden depths of the afterlife with a quiet power and majesty.

The Gods of Olympus series, renowned for bringing ancient myths to life through exquisite coinage, presents Hades in a striking new light. This 2021 coin, minted by the prestigious Perth Mint in Tuvalu, is a celebration of the god who has fascinated and terrified for millennia. Hades, often misunderstood and portrayed as a figure of darkness, is intricately depicted with a richness of detail that highlights his complex character.

Crafted from 1 ounce of pure silver, this coin is more than a piece of metal; it's a piece of art. The front features a masterful engraving of Hades, capturing his commanding presence and the understated power he wields. Accompanied by his mythical three-headed dog, Cerberus, guarding the gates of the underworld, the coin beautifully encapsulates the mythos surrounding this Olympian god.

Graded as MS70 by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), the highest grade for a coin in mint state, this piece is a collector's dream. It represents not only numismatic perfection but also a bridge between the ancient world and modern craftsmanship.

The 2021-P Tuvalu $1 Gods of Olympus: Hades coin is a must-have for enthusiasts of Greek mythology, coin collectors, and those who appreciate the finer aspects of art and history. It's a rare opportunity to own a piece of the legendary narrative, immortalizing the god who reigns over the unseen, a testament to the timeless allure of ancient myths and the enduring craftsmanship of modern mintage.

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