2021 Germany 25 Livres - Myth: Seduction of Europe - Le Grand Mint (Antiqued)

  • Country: Germany
  • Type: Hybrid Silver Bullion
  • Years: 2021
  • Mint: Le Grand Mint - Hagen, Germany (2013-Date)
  • Denomination: 25 LGM Livres
  • Composition: .9999 Silver
  • Diameter: 38.6mm
  • Weight: 31.1g
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Mintage: 250
  • Condition: New - Mint Packaging
  • Obverse: With her head held high, a proud woman rides the vigorous bull under the starry sky towards a new future together in the manor house depicting the wonderful story of the seduction of Europe
  • Reverse: Features the Coat of Arms of Le Grand Mint and the inscriptions: "PER ASPERA AD ASTRA" - the latin motto, "25 livre" – the face value and "1 OZ 9999 ARGENT PUR" Zeus is featured in the clouds above holding his lightning bolt
Introducing the antiqued silver edition of the 2021 Germany 25 Livres - Myth: Seduction of Europe, a numismatic treasure that seamlessly melds ancient mythology and exquisite coinage, presented by Le Grand Mint. This piece, belonging to the 'Mythos' series within the 'Wonderful World' collection, beautifully encapsulates a timeless moment from Greek mythology, portraying Zeus and Europe's celestial journey, symbolizing a union that would weave their destinies together under a starlit sky.

This coin, with its antiqued silver finish, brings a vintage charm to the tale, where Zeus, in his majestic bull form, carries Europe towards a new epoch, representing a symbolic confluence of the Occident and the Orient. The story unfolds not as a mere abduction but as a nuanced narrative where Europe, embodying the feminine lunar power, gently tames Zeus, the formidable sun god, through her compassionate nature and the potent vitality of flora. Her act of aiding the ostensibly stranded bull not only triumphs over Zeus’s divine test but also initiates a journey that would eventually name a continent and birth a lineage that solidifies the bond between diverse worlds.

Europe, symbolizing the gentle yet formidable feminine lunar power, not only enchanted the mighty sun god, Zeus, with her tender compassion but also introduced significant advancements like the art of alphabetic writing and the Phoenicians' advanced shipbuilding techniques to the Europeans. The core of the myth, however, lies in the blossoming of the Greco-Oriental culture, heralding a cultural renaissance following the dark epochs at the end of the Bronze Age.

Le Grand Mint, deeply inspired by this monumental legend foundational to European civilization, proudly presents 'The Seduction of Europe' as a numismatic masterpiece in an antiqued silver finish, weaving together the rich threads of mythology, history, and cultural synthesis into a meticulously crafted coin design. This piece is not merely a collector's item but a tangible manifestation of a myth that has permeated through time, symbolizing unity, cultural exchange, and the powerful role of compassion and love in shaping civilizations.

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