2005-P U.S. $1 - Marine Corps 230th Anniversary - Silver Dollar & Stamp Set

  • Country: United States
  • Period: Federal Republic (1776-Date)
  • Type: Non-Circulating Coin
  • Years: 2005
  • Mint:United States Mint - Philadelphia (1792-Date)
  • Denomination: 1 USD
  • Currency: United States Dollar (1785-Date)
  • Composition: .900 Silver
  • Diameter: 38.1mm
  • Weight: 26.73g
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Mintage: 600,000 (50,000 Coin & Stamp Sets)
  • Condition: New - Mint Packaging
  • Obverse: Famous scene of Marines raising an American Flag over Iwo Jima that was photographed by Joe Rosenthanl
  • Reverse: Emblem of the Marine Corps, featuring an eagle, globe, and anchor
  • Reference: KM# 376
 The 2005 Marine Corps Silver Dollar was issued to mark the 230th anniversary of the Marines. The design featuring an iconic image of the Marine Corps made the coins a huge success with collectors and the broader public.

Marine Corps Silver Dollars were minted in proof and uncirculated versions at the Philadelphia Mint. The commemorative coin program was originally authorized with a maximum mintage of 500,000 coins, but this was increased to 600,000 by authority of the Treasury Secretary. The program achieved sales representing the full mintage across the various product options. Surcharges added to the cost of each coin were used towards the construction of the Marine Corps Heritage Center in Quantico, Virginia.

The US Mint sold coins individually, or within two different sets. The  Coin and Stamp Set, which was limited to 50,000 units, included the uncirculated version of the coin and an uncanceled 1945 three-cent Iwo Jima stamp. The 2005 American Legacy Collection included all of the proof coins from 2005 and proof versions of the two commemorative silver dollars issued for the year. This set was priced at $135 and limited to 100,000 units.

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