2005 D Disney Dollar 50th Anniversary

    • Denomination: $1
    • Design: Dumbo
    • Grade: Uncirculated
    • Serial Number: Various 
    • Friedberg Number: R-095 w/barcode
    • Signatures: Scrooge McDuck

As a designated corporate scrip for Disney Resorts and Stores, these act as cash for goods or services within the realm of Disney, including some cruises and other Disney owned attractions. 

Introduced in 1987 as an 'in park' currency with denominations of $1 and $5 with a $10 being added in 1992. Notes usually feature some character of sorts, from Mickey and Donald to Dumbo and Minnie while also featuring some of the icons of Disney attractions including the iconic castles. 

This Dumbo note was designed for the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland, at which time a $50 note was also introduced. Disney ceased production of the notes in 2016, but still honors them for purchase of goods or services within their parks. These notes have quickly become collectible since the end of production and everyone loves Disney! Get your uncirculated example before the magic is gone!

**Pictures are representative of the note and grade that you will receive, actual note may differ slightly, and serial/certification numbers will vary.**