Silver Netherlands Stamp

Gorgeous .999 fine silver stamp from The Netherlands. Actual usable postage, if a person felt inclined to use it as such.

  • Mintage: 1 Million
  • Size: 21 x 25 mm
  • Thickness: 0.1mm.
  • Self Adhesive

"The surprise postage stamp of 2001 offers a world first in size: for the first time in history a complete silver stamp will appear. It is also the very last Dutch stamp - with a value of f 12.75 suitable for registered mail - with half images of the 'old' and the current guilder. The national coat of arms was behind the Dutch guilder from 1818 to 1980. The schematic value indication was designed by Bruno Ninaber van Eyben in 1982 for the back of the Beatrix guilder.

The special silver stamp has been 'minted', as is the case with coins. The producer of the stamp is the Royal Dutch Mint, which in 1852 also produced the first Dutch stamp. For the silver stamp, Minted Stamp Image was used, a completely new technique that was first applied by the Royal Dutch Mint. This technique makes it possible to make the silver, with image, as thin as ... a stamp." (Pulled from the back of the packaging and translated with the help of Google Translate)