• Case Type: Open Face
  • Case Material: Base Metal, Military Issue
  • Manufacturer: Hamilton, USA
  • Serial Number: 4C9100
  • Movement Grade: 4992B
  • Movement Model: G.C.T
  • Movement Size: 16s
  • Movement Jewels: 22j
  • Movement Finish: Damaskeen

The 4992B from Hamilton was a modification of the standard and highly accurate 992B that was being used for the rail systems of the time. The movement had been modified to run a 24hr dial and added a larger centralized second hand, rather than the smaller sub dial that accompanied most pocket watches. The next added feature that would set this watch apart from other pocket watches, and watches of the day, is the hacking feature. Hacking in a watch is when the second hand is paused when the balance is touched by a small spring inside the movement. This allowed the servicemen using the watch for their missions during WW2 to all synchronize their watches to a central command time to plan their attacks, especially for the U.S. Army Air Corp. that were using these watches to time their bombing runs, and ensure their proper geographic positioning. The GCT on the dial is in reference to Greenwich Civil Time, with which all Allied actions were based.

This watch is barely used, not a safe queen, but does have some signs of use to the case. The crystal has been replaced and the watch has received a complete service to ensure functionality, longevity and time keeping accuracy. The watch will include the service order for the service. We trust our watchmaker with all our timepieces and are quite confident in his abilities.

Included is also the Geo. H. Adamson steel shock resistant case, which has also seen some use, and is in good shape. There is only some minor paint wear, some subtle oxidization and aging. The glass within the case is in great shape, and the cover is tight so that the cover won't swing haphazardly and expose the glass. Interior felt to cushion the watch is also in good shape and still has the stem direction marking. The retention spring to keep the case lid twisted into place is still functional as well.

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