1882-H Great Britain 1 Farthing - Victoria (2nd portrait; 2nd type)

  • Country: United Kingdom - Great Britain
  • Queen: Victoria (1837-1901)
  • Type: Standard Circulation Coin
  • Years: 1874-1895
  • Mint: Heaton's Mint - Birmingham. United Kingdom (1850-1889)
  • Denomination: 1 Farthing = 1/4 Penny = 1/48 Shilling
  • Currency: Pound Sterling (1158-1970)
  • Composition: Bronze
  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Weight: 2.83g
  • Edge: Plain
  • Mintage: 1,792,000
  • Obverse: Second laureate portrait ('Bun head') of Queen Victoria facing left, legend around
  • Reverse: Seated figure of Britannia facing right, trident in left hand, shield with Union flag in right hand, denomination above, date in exergue, sea behind with lighthouse on left and ship on right
  • Reference: KM# 753, Sp# 3958/9

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