• 1861-1865 Civil War Token
  • Attractive display
  • variety of different issues
Minted between the years of 1861 and 1865 these tokens were used in place of cent coinage at the time in areas where the legal tender coins were scarce. These come in three categories, Store Cards, Patriotic, Military.
Store Cards are made and issued by independant businesses from all over the easter states, as well as a few other out liers. They have the business info stamped on them.
Patriotic tokens have some patriotic, unification statement, like "Our Army" " Army Navy" or "The Flag of Our Union"
Miltary tokens are from the indepenent military unit stores and are generally quite rare.

We have a variety of the store cards and the Patriotic tokens, in a varity of looks and conditions. You will get one picked at random from our inventory. See the pictures for representation of what you will recieve but know the designs may vary