1775 United Colonies $8 - Continental Currency - PCGS Choice XF45

  • Grading Service: Professional Coin Grading Service Banknote - PCGS Banknote
  • Grade: Choice Extremely Fine 45 - CH XF45
  • Certification: 43207212
  • Country: United Colonies
  • Period: United States - Pre Federal
  • Type: Standard Banknote
  • Years: 1775
  • Issue: May 10th, 1775
  • Mint: Hall & Sellers - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Denomination: 8 Dollars
  • Composition: Paper
  • Signature: T. Barclay & J. M. Nesbitt
  • Obverse: A harp with thirteen strings and "Majora Minoribus Consonant" around ("the larger are in harmony with the smaller"); serial number above, denomination below, signature and text to the right.
  • Reverse: The nature print on the back is of a henebit leaf and two buttercup leaves. It is identical to a nature print used on earlier Pennsylvania currency. The paper contains blue threads and mica flakes
  • Reference: FR# CC-8
Continental Currency was the first federally issued paper money commencing with notes authorized by the May 10th, 1775 Session of the Continental Congress The issuance of these notes provided the financing that made the American Revolution possible. Continental notes were a promise to pay which bore no interest and were to be redeemed with taxes levied by the individual United Colonies. The notes circulated concurrently with colonial paper currency issued by the individual colonies. This issuance formed a medium of exchange to finance the Revolutionary War.

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