1723-Cow France 1 Louis d'Or - Louis XV - NGC AU (Details; Rare!)
  • Grading Service: Numismatic Guaranty Corporation - NGC
  • Grade: About Uncirculated Detail - AU Details
  • Certification: 6439523-015
  • Country: French Colonies - France
  • King: Louis XV (1715-1774)
  • Type: Standard Circulation Coin
  • Years: 1723-1725
  • Mint: Mint of Bearn - Pau
  • Denomination: 1 Louis d'Or
  • Currency: Livre Tournois (987-1795)
  • Composition: .917 Gold
  • Diameter: 22.5mm
  • Weight: 6.52g
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Obverse: Young child bust facing right; date below, legend around
  • Reverse: Crowned design within wreath; legend around, mintmark below
  • Reference: Dy# 1638a
This coin is a shipwreck recovery from the 1725 wreck of Le Chameau (The Camel), a wooden sailing ship of the French Navy built in 1717.
The ship was used to transport passengers and supplies to New France (in present day Canada) . Nearing the end of her last voyage, a storm blew her onto some rocks on August 27, 1725 off the coast of Nova Scotia. She sank, with the loss of all aboard; estimates range as high as 316 dead. In 1965, Alex Storm and his associates located the wreckage near Chameau Rock, and recovered a treasure of gold and silver pieces.

This gold coin was one of only 6 recovered by date, and the only know Cow mint, a very rare mint from the Province of Bearn, found in the wreckage.

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