• 1652 Massachusetts Pine Tree Shilling
  • Grading Service: Professional Coin Grading Service
  • Grade: Extremely Fine 45
  • Variety: Large Planchet
  • Certification: 80501822
  • Composition: Silver, 66.9grs.
  • Diameter: 27-31 mm

 "Massachusetts had an inadequate supply of money that was putting its future development in jeopardy. England had no reason or inclination to send gold and silver to the colonies as they were also in short supply in the mother country. This prompted Massachusetts to take matter into their own hands and Boston authorities allowed settlers John Hull and Robert Sanderson to set up a mint in the capital in 1652. Soon, they were striking coinage; namely shillings, sixpences, and threepences. Almost all of the new coins bore the same date: 1652."

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