Tips for Organizing Your Coin Collection

Have you been bitten by the coin collecting bug but need a little direction for your collection? Infinity Coins is here to help. Follow our beginner’s guide to your coin collection for a simple launching pad to an organized collection anyone would be proud to show off.

Start early & keep it secure

The first step for any beginner is to start as early as possible. Being mindful of your intentions with your collection from the beginning will only help you, before it spirals out of control. There is no one correct method for collecting, but choosing one method early and sticking with it is the key:

  • Organize by date or era
  • Organize by type (for example, by country of origin)
  • Organize by a specific coin (for example, all nickels or pennies)

Whatever you choose, be sure to graduate from keeping your coins unsecured, in a box for example. Coin holders or albums can help with this. Loose coins are asking to be chipped or damaged, whereas secured coins are much less likely to fall victim to everyday wear and tear.

Gather your materials

The best approach to any task is to gather your tools ahead of time. A beginner’s coin collection tool kit should have, at minimum, the following:

  • A notebook (or electronic spreadsheet) for record keeping. Be sure to include all information about a coin, including when and where you purchased it and contact information for the seller.
  • A pair of cotton gloves, preferably light in color. The soft material will help prevent damage to your coins when handling. Light color gloves contrast nicely against coins to highlight any abnormalities.
  • Padding for your workspace. This can come in the form of rubber mats or a soft drop cloth. Accidents will happen when you’re handling your collection. In the event of a dropped coin, you’ll be happy you installed a safety net to prevent chipping.
  • A magnifying glass. For obvious reasons, a magnifying glass will help you inspect your coins for damage.
  • A desk lamp or other adjustable light source. Your bulb should ideally be incandescent, as other light sources can be too soft or too powerful and can hide imperfections from you.

Join a community

As niche as it may seem, there are plenty of coin collectors around. The hobby is thousands of years old with countless resources, you just have to find them. Staying in touch with the community can provide you with plenty of sources for additional tips as your collection grows. It can even lead to opportunities for rare coins you may never have the chance to see or own otherwise.

Forums such as Facebook Groups or Reddit are excellent sources of information. Trade shows and frequenting your local coin stores are also great ways to meet coin collectors of all ages to stay in touch with. For inexpensive resources, your local library may have numerous books ranging from beginner to expert on coin collecting.

Everyone has to start somewhere with their collection. Don’t feel like your lack of experience or rarities should hold you back from getting started. The only mistake you can make is waiting too long to practice good organizational habits, resulting in damage to your collection or loss of information. For more information on our services at Infinity Coins, including appraisals of your collection, visit our services page.

Published online: Nov 04, 2020