Egyptian Large Light Green Faience Udjat Eye

Late Period - ca.715-330 BC

The Udjat-eye was a god derived from Horace who lost his right eye in a battle with Seth. The eye was later found and to be intact and thriving. It was then associated with all things healing and complete. The eye is usually represented by the right eye, alluding to all things good, for the right eye was the solar eye. When applied to burial situations it was meant to allow the individual the ability to look forward to the rising of the sun in the next life.

This amulet, once broken and reassembled, was likely once a focal point of a necklace that has since returned to multiple pieces. Mounted on a nice stand and a beautiful blue glaze accents the entire piece. A horizontal hole bisects the piece. This beautiful piece would accent any collection or decor in your home. Mounted length - 2" (5.8 cm)